Thoughts on Balance


(n.) Flowering, blooming.

I woke up realizing the chaos within me found balance, the problem is that I don’t believe in balance… I don’t want balance.

Equilibrium is adopted as the holy and inviolable emotional triumph amongst us humans, the grandest and most beautiful of goals we can achieve in our lifetime - and with this in mind we are taught and trained into the idea that balance is a key to wellbeing.

This term is defined as a state of rest between opposing forces, powers, or influences. Therefore, could polarity be a lovely illustration of disconnection? Balance strives to create equilibrium between two different properties instead of seeking to combine them… But it is our personal inner turmoils what makes us disastrously beautiful. Balance can’t possibly be a cure.

Balance is achieved obligatorily by a process of addition and subtraction. It means to find those two parts within you which rival each other, and then fight against one of them or the other until you bring them down at the same level - in consequence, if we live our lives according to the principal of balance, we will end up exhausted and ripped in half.

Longing for equilibrium seems to me like a perfect recipe for unhappiness. Both polarities hold something we desperately need, and intangible polarities within us can’t be raised up our sliced down at our desire… But I guess we can climb upon them and - hopefully - enjoy the ride.

An antonym of balance - integration - makes more sense to me; contradictions fusing, allowing the mind and all of it’s lovely muddle to uproar in waves and seasons. Integration… Do I believe in integration? … Well that’s a thought for another time.