Questions to Monsieur Internet: The Weight of Sunlight, The Worth of the Earth and Humanity Jumping At the Same Time.

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.”

- Thomas Hobbes

Does Sunlight weigh anything?

Sun’s light is composed of photons with mass. As consequence, an area covered in shadow will weighs less than the area being brightened by light. On a sunny day, a city the size of Chicago will weight around 140 kilograms more, simply due to the sunlight falling over it.


How much is the Earth Worth?

tenor (1).gif

I know this is a dumb question… But, if somebody would want to purchase the planet with all of its resources and buildings at the current market prices… What would the price be?

Well turns out that The History Channel made the maths for me and came up with a price; 4.4 quadrillion pounds (please don’t ask me how much this is in dollars… I’m not that clever, it’s just… a lot of money). Making Earth the most expensive planet of our Solar System (Mars was valued at 10,000 pounds, or 13,150 dollars, and Venus worth less than a penny).


What If Everyone on Earth Jumped at Once?


First of all, allow me to apologize for the gif above… I just couldn’t help it.

Now, there are more than 7 billion humans in this planet - the total human weight would be somewhere close to 7*80 billion kg. If all of us would gather (shoulder to shoulder, we could all fit within the city limits of Los Angeles) and jump 30 cm above ground at the exact same time, we would push earth away from us about 5 meters… However in less than a second the earth would move back to its previous position. I don’t know… Should we try it?

“Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind faith and curiosity”

Heinrich Rohrer