The Last Dance: A Photographic Tour Through Abandoned French Discotheques

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

- Leonardo da Vinci

There is a strange beauty in abandonment. All those places that - when left to the hostile mercy of time - deteriorate, rust, blur and transform into shadows of what they once were, barely exhaling the moments lived in them through fine remainings of paint, adornments and furniture.

Looking at this series of photographs I can’t help but wondering what stories would those walls tell us… if only they could speak.

“The stones here speak to me, and I know their mute language. Also, they seem deeply to feel what I think. So a broken column of the old Roman times, an old tower of Lombardy, a weather-beaten Gothic piece of a pillar understands me well. But I am a ruin myself, wandering among ruins.” 

― Heinrich Heine