Gallery of the Bizarre: Collage, Antique Photography and Movement.

In my last gallery entries I've shamefully failed to name the artists. I am entirely aware and deeply embarassed... The reason is simple:

I have collected and gathered (perhaps the right word is accumulated) the absurd amount of over half a million odd and bewitching photographs, collages and paintings that have caught my eye along the years. Therefore when I open some of this inexhaustible files and pick up a flower from the field, I pick it up half blinded, unaware of the context, the creator and the story. This is an unlovely defect that I imply to fix by making some good use of google image detector to finally give the deserved credit to the authors for their work. Yet I hope you can understand that many of this images are very rare and, consequently, I will be forced to tag them as unknown.

Thank you for bearing through this technical introduction, now please go ahead and dive with me into the following pictures.


Rebel Girls - Unknown

Collage from a 1950's  Del Monte  catsup advertisement - Unknown

Collage from a 1950's Del Monte catsup advertisement - Unknown

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Miss American Vampire 1970

Do you remember the gorgeous Native American woman who represented Marlon Brando at the 1973 Oscars when he refused his award for The Godfather? Her name is Sacheen Littlefeather and, yes, she won the Miss American Vampire beauty pageant, conducted as a promotional tool for House of Dark Shadows... What an interesting lady.


Initiation Rite - Tribe and year unknown

Pulp Fiction & religious art - Unknown


Fly - Unknown


Pay Day - Unknown


Fisheye - Émir Shiro


Swallows - Vladimir Tolman, 1930

clifton r adams- 1920s women - laredo texas.jpg

1920's Flower Pickers - Unknown


Photograph of poetess Edna St. Vincent Millay - Arnold Genthe, 1914

Ava L.