Five Unnoticed Hollywood Sirens

Legends are all to do with the past and nothing to do with the present.

~ Lauren Bacall 

Edwige Fenech

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Birth: December 24, 1948 in Bone, Constantine, France

Solemnly serious and voluptuously sensual. Edwige is one of my personal beauty heroines, her edged splendor inspired dozens of directors (including Quentin Tarantino), breaking mountains of hearts simply walking by. Despite her blazing femininity and her ardor to triumph, Edwige's career as an actress never really took flight. She abandoned her medicine studies to follow her dream and her dream led her to star in a few Italian low budget erotic and thriller 1970's productions, rarely if ever being casted for the dignified roles she aspired. A few years later she deserted her acting goals and became a television and film producer. 


Mamie Van Doren

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Birth: February 6, 1931 in Rowena, South Dakota

One quarter Swedish, One quarter English and one quarter German. Mamie never received the adoration she so greatly yearned for, and perhaps, deserved. This forgotten sex symbol worked hard since a very young age in nearly everything that came upon her, attempting to become a star - from usher to model until, one day the moment came and she was asked to appear in a small tv show. That day Mamie became cult film star who acted in about thirty mildly successful movies - finishing in the year 1959, when Universal Studios failed to renew her contract.

Van Doren remains active in spite of her mature age, never losing her volcanic allure of platinum blond hair and vertiginous necklines. Today, the South Dakotan actress earns a living through her website where she and her husband sell various kinds of merchandise along with home-made short films and her autobiography, Playing the Field.


Patricia Medina

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Birth: 19 July 1919 in Liverpool, England.      -      Death: 28 April 2012 (aged 92)

This English artist was born at the very beginnings of the twentieth century, witnessing a highly important evolution in the field she so longed to take part of.

She grew up in a grand Londoner mansion, surrounded by art and beauty. At the age of twenty-two Patricia married a handsome actor called Richard Greene and moved to Hollywood where, from the years 1937 to 1978, she played important roles in several melodramas. 

Unlike most ladies in this list, Patricia lived a life of fruitful joy - which she narrates in her 1998 autobiography, Laid Back in Hollywood. 


Joi Lansing


Birth: April 6, 1929 - Salt Lake City, Utah.      -      Death: August 7, 1972 (aged 43)

This devoted Mormon never posed naked, drank alcohol, smoked or used any kind of drug - lifestyle which enormously contrasted with her career as a nightclub singer, pin-up model and B-rated actress.

The day her family moved to Los Angeles - when she was eleven years old - was the day her eyes opened and her heart trembled, suddenly she knew clearly what she wanted more than anything else; stardom. 

Joi reached her purpose in a bittersweet way - directors casted her, yet her roles were never grander than those of a background half-naked beauty. Her attempts continued until doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer, illness which killed her at the age of 43.


Pamela Tiffin

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Birth: October 13, 1942, Oklahoma City.

This last neglected icon began her career as a teen model and a theater actress. She married twice; once with a man named Clay Felker, a magazine editor - and then a philosopher, Edmondo Danon with whom she had two daughters, Echo and Aurora.

She is perhaps the most awarded actress of this list; two Golden Globes, one Laurel Award and a Theatre World Award which she took home in the year 1967 for her role in the play Dinner at Eight. Unfortunately, there is very little information out there for me to find regarding her past and present, only enough photographs to understand she was and, most likely still is, a charming and wonderful woman.

Fame is like caviar - it's good to have caviar but not when you have it at every meal.

~ Marilyn Monroe