Ernst Haeckel, The Father of Botanical Illustrations

“Where faith commences, science ends’’

- Ernst Haeckel


Philosopher, biologist, artist and naturalist. Ernst Haeckel illuminated the world with the bare skills of his hands over paper. Ernst (1834 - 1919) is remembered for creating some of the most exquisite biology illustrations of all times - with over 500 sheets - he dedicated his life to the investigation of flora and fauna on land and in the oceans.

He catalyzed his talent to highlight the beauty of lesser-known creatures. Haeckel - an avid atheist who popularized the ideas of Charles Darwin and severely denounced religious dogma - was Professor of Zoology at the University of Jena (Germany), place in where he founded the Phyletic Museum, wrote several philosophical treatises and coined terms such as ecology and stem cell. Here are some of his works…

…If you are a botanical-illustration-freak like me, then prepare to be absolutely delighted.

“Civilisation and the life of nations are governed by the same laws as prevail throughout nature and organic life.” 

― Ernst Haeckel

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