The Three Most Exquisite Disney Fantasia Segments

“That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.”

- Walt Disney

Growing up Disney’s princesses where the protagonists of my favourite movies - The leftish friends of my mother, however, couldn’t believe I’d like those things, they said that as long as I’m into those kind of characters I wouldn’t never be empowered or independent and I’d most likely develop, sooner or later, an eating disorder. I was very small and didn’t really had toys or films of my own, so my mother’s friend promised to buy me The Sleeping Beauty VHS  if I could convince him that Disney Princesses would make good role models.

“Deal” Armando laughed “Go on, amuse me”

“Well in first place princesses are women in power, women who will one day rule kingdoms…”

Armando coughed, wrinkled his nose and lifted his shoulder in a half shrug.

“Shit” He stopped me “I can tell already I won’t win”

“No, you wont” I added, “Disney princesses are highly optimistic girls who, when put in the roughest of situations still manage to find the glass half full…”

 “Yeah, but their only goal is to be saved by a prince, and meanwhile they become the maids of seven tiny men”

“Wrong, again… Snow White cooked and cleaned for the seven dwarfs while they were working in the mines because she was thankful that they saved her from the dark forest where she ended up when she escaped, on her own, the kingdom… Belle doesn’t want a man, she wants to spend her days reading books and exploring the world, Aurora gives up her true love in order to return and fulfil her royal duties, Jasmine questions the law and doesn’t allow anyone to tell her what to do, Pocahontas objects marrying the brave prince and Ariel doesn’t want a man… She wants to be human – they all just happen to fall in love in the way. Have you ever even watched one of these movies before judging?”


I’m aware that it is very unoriginal, but what can I do? I’m a Disney girl. Walt Disney was a dreamer, an artist, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a wonderful leader who grew personal relationships with his employees based on trust and confidence, and a cheerful man who cared nothing for money - so much that he never really touched it. His brother Roy was the one to handle finances; he and Walt would gamble nearly every single coin, jewel or good they owned in order to make breakthrough movies and, eventually, a theme park. Wide aware that money came and went, Walt, his wife, Lillian, and their two children lived modestly in a three-bedroom house and rarely ever socialized with other Hollywood moguls. For me, he and his legacy radiate art at the level of Salvador Dali and Picasso - and now, I’ll try to show you why.


  1. Mother nature

2. Flight of the Whales

3. The Rite of Spring

Fantasia was released in 1940 as Disney’s third (and most venturesome) film, it was considered to be his absolute masterpiece yet it failed to make a profit due to World War II. Today the two-hour-long movie is ranked as the best animation movie in the history of United States as well as part of the top 50 of best films in the history of the same country along with number 48 in IMDb’s list “Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once”.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

- Walt Disney