Classical Era & Modern City Life, A Peculiar Visual Fusion

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It is so easy to become absorbed by present time, perhaps it is imposible not to. We are so profoundly soaked up by our personal reality and everything what happens around us that we facilely let go and forget all that once was, all which grandiosely and splendidly used to be.

How much we have changed in these 200,000 years of breathing as Homo Sapiens, microscopical timespan in the age of the Earth. Everything we've created, every single person that has ever been born and died, each and all of the humans we have ever known and heard of and everything which they conceived... It all fits humbly within the last second of the last day in the calendar of the Universe. And yet, now and here is somehow all that matters. 

What bewitches me the most about Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov's work, is his skill to divinely place us in perspective. Suddenly, by fair means or foul, this misplacement makes perfect sense; an entropy with all of it's incongruous pieces gracefully falling together in the right place, making me feel and think things I've flounder to explore this way before. 

This images are both humorous and flirtatious, furthermore they are radiant of a virtuous wit. Wit which (from my personal standpoint) is scarce in most of Contemporary Art.


Art History in Contemporary Life is the name with which Alexey baptized his ongoing series. Introducing, without any large purpose or ambition, Classic paintings in scenes of modern Naples, Italy. The figures fuse effortlessly with their erratic environment; two women, perfectly bored at the bottom of a dusty bookstore, a 24-hour bistro sheltering a tired girl, napping next to a caffè macchiato, cherubs luring elegantly over a dump and two love birds kissing unblushingly inside the public transport. I was bewildered and overjoyed to discover many subjects by one of my all time favorite painters, John William Waterhouse, reposing in scenarios I could have only dreamed of. 


“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”

― Pablo Picasso