Inspiring Quotes Said by a Flock of Dudes You (Hopefully) Hate

There are some days when you need a little push, some inspiration - days when you just need to hear someone telling you that everything is going to be okay.

Well, don't worry - i've got you covered… 

"Words Build Bridges Into Unexplored Regions."

-Adolf Hitler



“The Real Strong Have No Need to Prove It”

- Charles Manson



"If You Want to Know the Taste of a Pear, You Must Eat the Pear Yourself. If You Want to Know the Theory and Methods of Revolution, You Must Take Part in Revolution. All Genuine Knowledge Originates in Direct Experience."

- Mao Zedong



“Countless Millions Who Have Walked This Earth Before Us Have Gone Through This, So This Is Just an Experience We All Share.”

- Ted Bundy



"The One Thing That Really Matters Is That We Stand Strong."

- Heinrich Himmler



"Better to Live a Day as a Lion Than 100 Years as a Sheep"

- Benito Mussolini

(I wonder where was the lion when he was found trying to escape Italy after World War II)



"I Believe in One Thing Only, the Power of Human Will."

- Joseph Stalin


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