Five Strange Cases of Alleged Reincarnation

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” 

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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The concept of reincarnation has been present in our history since ancient times. Most Eastern religions (such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, as well as nearly all of Africa's, America's and Oceania's tribal cults) believe in it - from my point of view it is silly to conclude this as truth, however and derived from the little or rather null knowledge we have regarding death, it would be equally absurd to deny it. Regardless of what your opinion on the topic is, I present you six cases to make us all - believers and skeptics - wonder.


James Leininger


James was barely a baby when he developed a rather extreme obsession with airplanes, accompanied by horribly vivid nightmares. He was only two years old and yet he could explicitly narrate this dreams to his mother, they were each and all the same; a fatal plane crash. James mother remembers him waking up in tears, covered in sweat and inconsolably screaming ''Crash! Burning plane! The small man can't escape". Despite this, James remained captivated with aircrafts - he could perfectly recognize the operations and names of highly specific parts of different planes with an exactitude which went beyond the knowledge of an enthusiast but instead those of a pilot or an aeronautic engineer. 

The parents were however quite worried about the recurrent nightmares and decided to take James to a therapist. Under the first session of deep hypnosis the boy cracked open, the first thing he said was that his plane was a Corsair and that his name was also James, not James Leininger but James Huston, a World War II pilot who took off from the warship Natoma in an attack over Japanese land, and that he was shot down in Iwo Jima. On that session James also gave the name of an old friend of his, Jack Larson.

Shortly after and through intense research it was discovered that both James and Jack existed. James Huston had been a member of the VC-81 combat squad and he had indeed died when his plane was hit by Japanese anti-aircraft fire on March 3. of 1945.

Years later, at the beginnings of the 2000s - when James Leininger was already a teenager, he attended a meeting with friends and relatives from the victims of the Battle of Iwo Jima. All of the veterans, after speaking with the boy, undoubtedly recognized him as their old friend, James M. Huston Jr.


The Pollock Twins


John and Florence Pollock lived in Hexham, England. The couple had two daughters, Jacqueline and Joanna - together they made a perfectly normal and happy family until the tragic afternoon of May 5, 1957, when the two girls got ran over by a car at the tender ages of eleven and six.

A year later the couple found out they were, once more, pregnant. On October 4, 1958 Florence gave birth to twin girls, whom they named Gillian and Jennifer.

The first strange coincidence were the birthmarks: both girls had birthmarks matching those of their elder sisters - Jennifer had one on her waist, exactly as the one Jacqueline had. Gillian had one on her forehead, resembling a scar of Joanna's.

Two years later, the girls began asking for the toys that had belonged to their elder sisters, despite never having seen the toys before. And as if this wouldn't be enough, the twins had memories of things which had happened, not to them but to their sisters and even developed panic attacks upon seeing moving cars, yelling “The car is coming to get us!”. On one occasion their parents overheard the girls talking about the accident with a grisly amount of accurate details they simply couldn't known. 

After they turned five, their memories of their previous existence vanished, and they carried on living ordinary lives.


Imad Elawar

Imad Elawar was born in Lebanon, his first word was a name Jamileh - as soon as he was able to speak he talked about his former life in a nearby village, about a man called Mahmoud and most of all, about Jamileh, the most beautiful woman in the world. The child was investigated by a doctor named Ian Stevenson to whom Imad confessed 55 different facts of his previous life. With the doctor, Imad and his family visited the village that the boy claimed as his, and along with Stevenson found the house where he remembered to have lived. Many photographs of people were shown to the boy, he instantly recognized his previous uncle, Mahmoud, and his beloved wife Jamileh, discretion authenticated by the villagers.

By the end of the journey and in total, 51 out of 57 of the events and places mentioned by Imad were verified as true.


Edward Austrian


Edward suffered an inexorable phobia of foggy, misty days since his birth, aside of this, when he was four-years-old he developed a severe pain in his throat - naturally Patricia Austrian, Edward's mother, took the boy numerous times to the hospital, yet doctors were never able to find an explanation - whenever the pain started, Edward would tell Patricia ''Mommy, my shot wound hurts'' - after months of unexplainable pain the doctors removed his tonsils as a precautionary measure, procedure in which a mysterious cyst developed.

It wasn't until little Edward told his mother very detailed stories about his past life in the trenches - (of what was apparently World War I) were he remembered being shot in the throat and killed - when to the shock of every doctor, the cyst disappeared.


Gus Taylor


Gus Taylor was 18 months old when he began trying to convince others that he was his own grandfather, man who had died a year before Gus was born. Yet, since it is somehow common for small kids to be confused about their own identity, his parents didn't pay him much attention.  

When the boy was four his mother found a box of old family photographs, the child, without having ever met his grandfather immediately recognized himself - there was something in each picture that Gus remembered, including a car which he insisted had been his first automobile (later the parents found out that, the car had been indeed Grandpa Augie's first vehicle).

Until here everything was, somehow still rational, and it remained that way up till one morning, when the toddler decided to tell his parents about ''the death of his little sister'', explaining them how she had been murdered and dumped in the San Francisco Bay. Event which had occurred not to his sister but his great aunt, and was a family secret that nobody had ever spoken about in many years.

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

~ Rumi