Stephen Hawking's Stand Up Comedy Facet Everyone Forgot About

"You once stated that there could be an infinite number of parallel universes, so theoretically there could be a universe where I’m smarter than you" asked comedian John Oliver in a hilarious interview to the man frequently cited as the planet's most intelligent person, the theoretical physicist and international bestselling author Stephen Hawking. 

"Yes" replied Hawking. "And also a universe where you’re funny."


Dr. Hawking needs no introduction, and yet I have to repeat what has been spoken, pronounced and declared an incalculable amount of times; he was a man with an exceptional intellect and colossal quantities of perseverance and resilience. A man that will be remembered for his contributions to not only to the field of theoretical physics and astronomy but to culture, engineering and medicine along with many other branches of knowledge. A man who, in 1963, doctors foreshadowed only two years of life, yet instead he revolutionized physics for the next half century.


Little is known about his facet; his humorous side. His wittiness and his sparkling sharpness to answer in a comical manner to shallow-brained questions and comments went beyond many comedians in the entertainment industry. In the flash of an eyelid Stephen dropped the smartest most comical responses. In defiance of his unrelenting condition, Professor Hawking kept always joy as a prime life priority.

Some of his work as a comedian we can appreciate in several shows and films. Here are two of my favorites. Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory. (Oh how I would love to be sitting there, playing cards with Albert, Isaac, Stephen and Data)

The hidden gemstone, however, is veiled out of sight and away from the collective memory. His Stand Up show. Scarce information you can find about this event and in the entire vastness of YouTube there's but one single video of this.

The audience loved him, and so do I. How much I adore this man. Thank you Stephen for everything, and, like Obama said, ''Have fun out there among the stars''

Ava L.