Japanese Photography in the Outgrowth of the Atomic Bombs



“Wake from death and return to life.”

- Japanese proverb

The displace midway pre and post-WWII Japan was thorny and quarrelsome - yet, this constant pressure and friction became a powerful fuel for creativity: while enduring the overwhelmingness of Westernisation (over an intensely traditional nation), Japanese art grew into a reverence towards life and living.

“Dreams, memories, the sacred - they are all alike in that they are beyond our grasp. Once we are even marginally separated from what we can touch, the object is sanctified; it acquires the beauty of the unattainable, the quality of the miraculous. Everything, really, has this quality of sacredness, but we can desecrate it at a touch. How strange man is! His touch defiles and yet he contains the source of miracles.” 

- Yukio Mishima