Deep Talk: Conceptual Art

It's a mystery to me the way that contemporary art galleries function.

- Steve Martin


The world is full of wonders and I'm short of cash, so I decided to dedicate myself to Contemporary Art. Here is a collection of my first works and where you can find them.

Button found in morning diaper” - An abstract yet ironic critique to the neoliberal western politics, a satire to the lost ideals of revolution.

Part of my exposition “Postcolonial Chemistry: Constructing a Praxis of Change” admirable in Bilbao’s Guggenheim, May 28th to July 19th


Upside Down” - An accusation on the shift of liberty caused by white capitalism, represented in the misplacing of nature.

Part of my exposition “An Overwhelming Illusion: Defying the Avant Garde” buyable in Kunsthalle, Hamburg, May 28th to July 17th

The Demagogic Spirit” - An obvious Atelier Populaire to the distortion of communism. 

Part of my exposition “The Bureaucracies of Dissent: The Dysfunction of Danger”, observable at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, May 28th to July 11th

And last but not least: ''My Wound'' - Represents a profoundly intimate mirroring of my inner struggle. Perhaps being the most personal work I've ever made, ''My Wound'' reflects the endless battle towards inner peace.

This poetic composition can be valued in my exposition ''For Love of Charm: Daring to Defy Damage'' which will take place at The Tate Modern, London, 12th of July to 10th of August. However, due to the emotional closeness I hold towards this piece, it will not be on sale.

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*Disclaimer: This entry might be slightly comical. In case somebody is offended by it in any way, this person should please consider the fact that he or she might be too much of a bourgeois bohemian (a.k.a bobo) and/or an oversensitive hipster in severe need of a good laugh (or good art). Anyhow, this person should go ahead and read some Nietzsche, I'm sure he/she will feel somewhat better.